Writing. Editing. Coaching. Consulting. Confidence. Clarity. Inspiration.


As a writer, editor, and coach, I see myself as an obstacle remover. I give my clients the confidence that nothing stands in the way of their message connecting with its audience. That’s my passion. How I do it depends on your needs.

Sometimes it’s about ensuring an author’s knowledge, creativity, and authentic voice shine through in an impeccably edited book.

Sometimes it entails consulting for a small business to create a house style and proofread all social media posts, helping the client demonstrate the same attention to detail online that they bring to the rest of their operation.

Always it means you get my commitment to your vision and content of the highest quality.

For more than fifteen years, I’ve undertaken this work for independent authors, publishers, companies, nonprofit organizations, and community agencies.

I edit book manuscripts from fiction and creative nonfiction to textbooks and academic monographs. I also develop, write, and edit other types of content, including e-learning courses, curricula, grant applications, articles, websites, and blogs.  (See Services and Rates for information about these and other services I offer, from ghostwriting to coaching.)

I’m particularly interested in K-16 and adult education, psychology, health and wellness, regional and nature studies, literary fiction, and memoir, and I have experience and comfort in many more disciplines and genres.

For more about me, check out my Editorial Freelancers Association and LinkedIn profiles.

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