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$35-45 per hour

A thorough technical edit focused on correcting errors, formatting your text, and ensuring consistency. I will:

  • correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage
  • flag unclear or awkward passages and unintended repetition
  • flag passages that might require fact checking
  • review statistics, tables, and graphics
  • flag internal inconsistencies of logic and timeline (and for fiction, basic problems with continuity of plot and character)
  • correct reference and citation format
  • apply a relevant editorial style (e.g., CMS, AP, MLA, APA)
  • create a style sheet for consistency, listing editorial choices made in my suggested edits (focusing on issues of spelling, grammar, and style)
  • track all of my suggested edits for your review using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word, inserting additional comments and queries in the margins


Line editing  

$45-55 per hour

A sentence- and paragraph-level language edit that includes suggestions for rewrites. In addition to all copyediting services listed above, I will:

  • recast sentences and reorganize paragraphs to improve style, flow, and clarity while staying true to your voice
  • examine word choice and make suggestions
  • suggest alternatives to clichés and overused language
  • vary sentence length and structure
  • reduce wordiness
  • remove redundancy
  • ensure consistency of tone and style
  • maintain appropriate level of writing and vocabulary for your audience
  • smooth transitions
  • if appropriate, check facts and make content suggestions

For information, I recommend the article “Differences between Copyediting and Line Editing.”


Development editing*

$45-55 per hour

“Big-picture” editing of structure and content for book or article manuscripts. I will:

  • suggest reorganization of existing text
  • develop a structure for the work as a whole if needed
  • suggest content additions and deletions
  • review and comment upon the suitability of the level of writing, voice, and content for the intended audience and genre
  • for fiction and creative nonfiction: note inconsistencies of internal logic for plot or organization, character, tone, and other literary elements and suggest potential fixes
  • for textbooks and academic nonfiction: plan and organize material for greatest impact and, if relevant, develop program of learning features and create or edit a system of navigational aids

*Development editing does not typically include copyediting or line editing services. I often comment on global issues of usage or style—especially as they affect the overall structure—but I do not correct each instance.